Wednesday, September 9, 2015


For the past 30 years, I have helped owners achieve optimal hoof health with their horses’ -- from backyard pets to multiple World Champions -- across a variety of disciplines.  

Whether barefoot or shod -- for a horse to be successful at his or her job -- it is absolutely imperative that he/she has a foundation of solidly supported and balanced hooves. EVERY STEP is essential to the soundness, movement, and performance of the equine athlete. Proper hoof care is the best investment you can make in the comfort, longevity, health, and well-being of your horse.

With new horses, I identify and correct hoof and shoeing problems which are causing compensatory issues throughout the entire horse. Matters ranging from lameness to an overall unwilling attitude can often be traced directly to sore feet. 

Some specific obstacles to optimal hoof health typically include: too much sole pressure, imbalances, lack of support, over trimmed hooves, and/or poor fitting size, shape, or style shoes.  

If you are experiencing difficulties with your horses, can’t find the right farrier, or just feel that your horse is simply not stepping into his or her full potential, email me at I will call you back to discuss your horse's hoof care needs.

No gimmick, potion, or new fad in hoof-ware will ever replace the results you achieve by consistently utilizing the expertise of a highly skilled farrier.

Andrew Elsbree CJF | Syracuse International Horse Show