Andrew Elsbree CJF | Equine Affaire
Andrew Elsbree is widely recognized as one of the top farriers in North America. For over 30 years, horses in his hoofcare program have won multiple titles and World Championships across a variety of disciplines.

He is a past President, Board Member, Certification Examiner, and Administrator of the Therapeutic Endorsement Exam for the American Farrier’s Association.

The American Farrier’s Journal, Professional Farrier, Dressage Today, US Equestrian Magazine, Unbridled TV, and the the World Championship Blacksmiths’ Competition are among the media outlets who have utilised his expertise.  

Cornell University, Equine Affaire, and the International Hoofcare Summit have each called upon Andrew to speak and demonstrate his farriery skills to educate  horse owners and young farriers. 
Andrew Elsbree CJF | Unbridled TV | HRTV

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Andrew Elsbree CJF | Holistic Hoof Care Solutions for Every Horse